Clutch kit, 1982-1990

kr 1,725.00


Passer 998cc-motorer med Verto clutch som originalt montert på alle A+ motorer. 180mm clutchplate. Er du usikker på hva slags clutch du har? Se på bildet over her. Har du kort clutcharm har du Verto (A+), og har du lang clutcharm har du ikke Verto – altså gammel type (før 1982).

Produsentens info om dette clutch-kittet :


«3 piece AP kit, has a 180mm wide clutch plate, AP pressure plate and release bearing,fits all cars pre 1990 VERTO assemblies until fitment of 1275cc engines.

From 1990 on the clutch plate was increased to 190mm.

Clutch kits should be re-balanced to the flywheel assembly as originally done on production. This is because the verto pressure was a heavier item and the main mass rather than the flywheel as on earlier diaphragm models. This was recognised as a small design fault but easily overcome by balancing which is why Rover originally supplied complete balanced Verto assemblies as repacement parts.»