Differensial «Cross pin»

kr 3,260.00

SKU: C-AJJ3385

Diffen på Mini er dessverre et svakt punkt, og skal du ha litt mer krefter i bilen din enn de originale hestene kan det være en lur idé å sette inn en krysspinnediff. En liten investering for å sikre at diffen holder i mange år fremover!


Produsentens info: «This is the original Evolution»Cross-pin» differential for the Mini.

Produced and sold by Mini Spares since 1994. It is a super heavy duty differential designed as a significant upgrade for reliability and strength to the standard units. Nearly 5 thousand sold without problems in last 21 years.

Only our design incorporates two specially molybdenum coated differential pins at a «cross» to each other with four planet gears.(Standard diff has two) Twice as many as standard. Not only does it handle more power but the extra gears mean a much smoother performance and much less tendency for torque steer!

Beware of copies which do not perform as well or last as long owing to an inferior design of pins and planet gears.

These differentials can be used in all models of transmissions from the first 850s up to the current 1380’s with 5-speed A+ gearboxes!»