Dørpanel endestykker 2 stk, sort 1959-1969 + Van/Pickup

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These panels hold the interior door panel in place against the external door skin by bearing against the internal door frame. A pair of fillet panels will fit one door, one at the front of the pocket and one at the rear, so two pairs will be needed for a complete car set. Available in a number of trim colours, these would have matched the vinyl used on the door panels

We recommend that these are fitted in conjunction with new matching door panels wherever possible, as the original items are very easy to damage upon removal from the doors.

While originally all Mini Vans & Pickups were fitted with non vinyl covered interior panels, these are easily transferable to our vinyl covered trim for those looking to upgrade their interior.


Fitting instructions: DP3022_MK1_MK2_DOOR_FILLET