Knirkekule, oppgradert kvalitet

kr 120.00


Topp kvalitet. Passer i front fra 1959 til 1989 og bak på alle modeller. Sitter ned i øvre bærearm og også bak inn i svingarmen.


Produsentens info:

Genuine Mini Spares UK made complete joint with the following specifications, correct dimensions and shape of pin and ball in EN24T,using correct spec grease, genuine original shape cup using correct material.

Upgraded poly boot all to help against wear and detrimental fitting.

Genuine Rover products are no longer the original or up to our high standard required.

If your suspension has dropped suddenly, or you have loud squeeking noise during suspension movement, then the knuckles are one of the first things you should check. If left unchecked, the knuckle can wear through the nylon cup, into the suspension arm, and ruin the casting that supports the knuckle joint. Much cheaper than changing arms. Grease is LM2.

Fits front and rear except later cars 1990 onwards that had a built in spacer for extra ride height clearance at the front (GSV1264EVO).

In 1984 when the Mini was put onto 12″ wheels as standard several small details were changed. One was to include a thick washer under the knuckle joint (21A1845) to raise the suspension a little in order to gain wheel clearance and suspension travel. Others included packing behind the teardrop mounts, also to gain wheel clearance. In 1990 Rover decided to introduce a front knuckle joint that had this spacer built in already. This was both to make assembly faster and also to prevent mechanics losing the spacer when repairing the front suspension and completely messing up Mini ride heights when they failed to notice that one side was lower than the other.