Swiftune kondensator, Race og gatebruk

kr 395.00


Swiftune has developed an all-new Competition Condenser for ALL engines running with conventional ignition points.

The Swiftune condenser replaces the existing Lucas unit which have proved increasingly unreliable in recent years due to poor quality. Increasing the capacity of the condenser for the distributor points has resulted in a unit noticeably larger than the previous Lucas item. This is why the Competition Condenser is mounted outside the distributor, a significant advantage because condensers don’t like heat!

Originally developed for use on our Appendix K Minis, Formula Junior and all other A-Series based engines the Condenser has eradicated all condenser related misfires. It has also proven to be very successful in a variety of cars from AC Cobra, Lotus Cortina, Healeys, Jaguars and many many more.

The Competition Condenser kit consists of a condenser, P clip and wires with heat shrunk connections for the coil and earth.