Rettskjært gearsett – remote 4 sync

kr 5,990.00

Bestillingsvare. Leveringstid 10-14 dager.

Rettskjært og tettsteget gearsett for remote 4 sync kasser. Bruk synkringer med nummer C-22A1741 til dette settet. Se den engelske varebeskrivelsen for mer info :

«Original Abingdon ST gear ratios manufactured by using the very latest gear cutting techniques, equipment and top line manufacture it has been possible for us to market a superior close ratio, straight cut gear set with moly coated baulk ring cone surfaces.The gear set includes first, second, third gears, laygear, first motion shaft & a reverse gear.

All our speed gears are manufactured using original Rover powertrain tooling.

Please ensure you check your bauk rings for trueness as both genuine and MS are not as true as our C-22A1741 when fitting this gearkit.

Always select 1st and 4th gears when locking up gearbox for dismantling and assembly.»