Støtstang, 1275cc

kr 56.00

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Uoriginal støtstang for 1275-motorer.

Produsentens informasjon : «NON GENUINE for standard use only. These are the only type available at the moment and not as accurate as the original Rover product. The genuine factory pushrod was a very good product and does not need routine replacement. The strength and size of the pushrod is ideal for the A-series motor. The narrow body of the rod allows for a very high lift cam without fouling the pushrod holes of the cylinder head. Check they are straight and you should ensure that the end of the rod that extends into the lifter is still smooth. It should not have a small protrusion(nipple) on it, as this is so typical looking of a well worn item, that it almost looks standard but is actually worn so badly that it was cut by the hole often found in the seat area of the inside of the lifter.»