kr 229.00

Produsentens info: «Made for reliability-we use them on our 5 speed gearboxes where the Rover version was not good enough, these specials are CNC grooved and machined for concentricity using original type fixings to get the correct areas of heat treatment plus correct angles on specific areas all from the original drawings making them similar to what Rover supplied pre 2000 in performance and reliability. they are now better and cheaper than the current Rover product

This type of the baulk (synchro) ring has been the same since 1962 but changed from steel to sintered. These rings slow down the gears to ensure that they mesh without crashing. They have a friction surface on them that is the first thing to engage the next gear when shifting. The height the ring sits proud of the cone surface indicates the wear, but the common sense approach is to replace them. Sold individually.»